You don’t have to risk your savings in order to give a shot to new opportunities. Earning money on the internet without making significant investments may sound like a dream, but it can be your next income source starting right now through Arbitao’s Affiliate Program. Created to decentralize the power of advertising agencies, search engines and social media corporations over marketing campaigns, our program eliminates intermediaries and gives community the chance to easily and safely profit by doing something everyone knows how to: sharing.

How does referral work?

First, you register in our platform and pick a pool to invest, starting at US$100 – this is needed for you to have an USD account in our system which we will credit your commission to. Then, you share your referral link (which can be found in your personal dashboard) to invite people to join our community. We reward you for that if they do complete the registration and invest. Simple as that. The program works on three levels:

Level 1: 9% commission everytime one joins through your referral link.

Level 2: 6% commission everytime one joins through the referral link of someone you invited.

Level 3: 3% commission everytime one joins through the referral link of someone invited by who you invited.

Tips on how to earn more through Affiliate Program

In order to create your own network, you can use lists of contacts that are not limited to your friends: think about an e-mail base of old or current clients or academic peers, for example. Try different approaches according to the nature of your relationship with these people (family, close friends, coworkers), as well as their profile and interests (such as students or investors) – it motivates people and makes it easier for them to realize how good this opportunity can be for their lives. You may want to invite a small group of people first as a test, analyze how it goes and improve your methods for the next groups.

Don’t forget to be well informed. You’re responsible for these people’s decision to join our platform and invest. First of all, study our documents (you can find them all here), read our FAQ, submit your own questions through our channels, talk to members of our community. If you want people to trust you, you need to trust us first. This also gets you prepared to give accurate answers to doubts your contacts may have.

Finally, one last tip: diversify. Use all of the tools you have available, such as e-mail, SMS/Telegram/WhatsApp, social media, your own blog or website and, of course, conversations in person.

Don’t be afraid of trying – this is a low risk opportunity.

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