We have an exciting announcement to make: Arbitrage trading will be available earlier than expected.

Starting on July 22, 2018, you will be able to invest your ATAO coins into one of our arbitrage trading pools.

Originally the start of the arbitrage trading pools was planned for after the ICO, and only if the soft-cap is reached. The reasons behind this is, that we need to allocate lots of funds to different exchanges, so that the capital is instantly available for trading, when an arbitrage opportunity is spotted.

Fortunately we found another way of accessing the required capital: The investors from our beta-phase are so satisfied with our prototype, that they want to stay with us to continue to make profits.

We worked out the following win-win situation for them as well as new investors:
After the pre-sale rounds are over, the fully working and tested prototype will open trading pools to the public. Everyone with an ATAO balance will then be able to join a trading pool and start earning profits from fully automated arbitrage trading.

After the ICO is over, there will be a transition phase, in which all trading pools will be moved to the new system. However, this happens in the background and requires no action from users. The only noticeable effect that this will have is that on average higher profits per trade can be expected, because even more liquidity will be available.

You’ll also be able to invest the ATAO coins that were earned as part of our bounties. The bounty program is still ongoing. If you haven’t seen it yet, check out the many ways to get rewarded with ATAO coins: https://www.arbitao.com/bounty-program