The platform Arbitao, which offers a fully automated cryptocurrency arbitrage trading solution for the mainstream, has announced its decision to postpone the start of the Pre-ICO until 22nd of July 2018.

When it was first planned, the Pre-Sale of ATAO Coins should start on 1st of July 2018. The total coin distribution will cover 480,000,000 + Bonus ATAO coins throughout the whole ICO period while the coin value during this period is set at $ 0.10 for each ATAO coin. Bounties will be available during the Pre-Sale.

Arbitao justifies its decision to postpone the ICO Pre-Sale with the prevailing bear market. CEO and founder John Kinsey explains:

“Currently many investors are afraid of the crypto winter and minds may not be open for new and outstanding projects on the market. We expect the situation to get much better in the next few weeks. By postponing the pre-ICO rounds, we expect to reach many more people through our growing community, and everyone will have the chance to participate early and earn a great bonus.”

Generally, the platform Arbitao offers a user-friendly and less risky way for the mainstream to directly profit from volatile crypto markets by offering arbitrage trading as an easy alternative to conventional cryptocurrency trading. As special thanks for early participants, every user who registered before July 1, 01:00 GMT (the originally planned first round of the pre-ICO), will receive a gift of 100 ATAO. Just login to the dashboard (, and you will find your increased account balance by the 2nd of July latest.

Details about the pre-ICO:

Arbitao’s Pre-Sale will start on 22nd of July 2018 with a bonus of up to 40 percent on every purchased ATAO Coin. During the entire ICO period, 480,000,000 + Bonus ATAO Coins will be distributed . The soft cap target is $ 20 million, while the hard cap target is $ 48 million. The value of 1 ATAO Coin will be $ 0.10 during the ICO. The details for each round of the Pre-Sale are listed on our homepage.

To say thank you to everyone who joined early, Arbitao rewards everybody who signed up on their platform before the originally planned start of the Pre-Sale on 1st of July 2018, 01:00 GMT, with additional 100 ATAO Coins for free.

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