Dear community,

as you may know, our ICO was scheduled to end this week on Sunday 9th September 2018.

However, we have now reached the softcap and decided to let the ICO run for an exclusive limited timeframe starting today, so you can still buy ATAO and benefit of being part of one of the most solid projects out on the market now. Here are the answers to some questions that you may have concerning this extra period.

Why did we extend our Arbitao Coin ICO?

We took this decision because of the outstanding feedback we have received from our community during the last few weeks. We’ve received excellent reviews from a number of influential people in addition to the numerous letters and messages requesting the extension of our ICO. There has been such a great support for the ICO as well as growing interest in the project. Just notify that a longer ICO investment period will allow us to reach the hard cap or concisely said to gain more profits for you!

What are the benefits of the extended period?

The more capital we raise, the more our clients — such as you — can profit. It also makes it possible for us to increase liquidity and tradable pairs on diversified exchanges, which leads to more and faster trades with higher volumes. Besides, more people will get the chance to make part of our revolution through accessible investments.

Why is Arbitao Coin ICO different?

Unlike most of the ICOs in the market, we already have a working product. Not only does this ensure you’re getting involved into a real thing, which you can see for yourself, but it also means we won’t use the raised funds to develop a solution. Instead, we will improve our whole ecosystem in order to get better profit opportunities for you. Besides, ATAO is a form of benefiting from passive income and the only way you can access our services — the automated arbitrage platform, the cloud computing feature, the staking feature through ATAOwallet and the bounty program. If you want to know more about ATAO, read a full article about it here.

ICO details

Target cap: USD 28.000.000.
Price per coin: USD 0,10.
Available coins: 280.000.000 + bonus.
Minimum purchase: USD 100.

Take your last chance now. Don’t wait to make the remaining ATAO coins yours.

John Kinsey, CEO