If Throwback Thursday is supposed to remember great times, let’s go back three months ago: from June 29th to July 21th, our turkish Community Manager, Ali Barış Aktaş, represented Arbitao at BlockCircus – self-declared “the most entertaining blockchain hackathon” –, which took place in Istanbul.

Participants were challenged to learn about blockchain and build entertainment applications on it – the three best ones, judged by specialists, won not only a cash prize and rewards from sponsors, such as YapiKredi, IBM, Red Bull and Uber, but also mentorship. Those three days were dedicated to imagine, discuss, design, build and, of course, enjoy.

Beyond competition, the event was a space for networking, learning from experts and finding solutions for real problems. It gave people with no prior experience on blockchain a chance to easily enter this world – much like our platform does through a accessible, easy to use solution. Such initiatives are paving the way for mainstream adoption and we are glad to be part of it.

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