Dear community,

We are glad to announce that we successfully implemented the two-factor authentication (2FA) process in our platform, adding an extra layer of security for Arbitao’s community members. This is one of many efforts our team is putting into making sure your profits stay where they belong: with you. If you don’t know what 2FA is, here’s a brief explanation.

Multi-factor authentication is the process of verifying one’s identity through two or more evidences that an account truly belongs to this person. The access is authorized only when the presented factors match the ones set up by the owner of the identity or the ones he has access to. There are three kinds of mechanisms that can be combined, based on: 1. something the user knows (e.g, password); 2. something the user has (e.g., phone) 3. something the user is (e.g., fingerprint). This process drastically reduces the incidence of online fraud and identity theft because it doesn’t rely only on passwords, which can be easily stolen.

2FA is the most used method, in which two of these kinds of evidence are required. In our method, we confirm user’s identity by combining their personal password to a dynamic token generated automatically by the app Google Authenticator, available for iOS (download here) and Android (download here). This tutorial can help you setting up your account.

Make your account safer now. If you have any doubt, please reach us.

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